SDC 2017 Art Exhibition Contest


Social Diversity for Children Foundation is hosting its second annual Art Exhibition event in conjunction with its Benefit Concert on December 9, 2017. We will be displaying artwork from our contest winners during this event. Below is a summary of the event and our organization, contest details, and a FAQ.

2017 Benefit Concert/Art Exhibition

The event will be taking place at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music (BC, Canada), and will feature an array of musical performances from youth in our community and artwork of this year’s theme. The art exhibition will happen in conjunction with the concert; audience members will have an opportunity to view the artwork placed near the entrance of the performing space before, during the intermission of, and after the concert. Throughout the event, SDC will also take some time to introduce its current initiatives as well as future goals.

Your Art at the Event


Your artwork will be displayed in the exhibition room and will have your name as well as the title of your piece indicated beside it. Upon request, we will also provide a link to your website. Exhibiting artists are invited to attend the event for free - you may wish to stand beside your artwork to introduce it and yourself to viewers during the exhibition. We will be taking pictures during the event, including a single image of each of the artworks being displayed. Pictures will be posted online and will be sent to each exhibiting artist so that those who cannot attend the event can still see their artwork being displayed. 

We would also request permission to sell your artwork to attendees in support of our programs. You may wish to donate your artwork to us, keep a portion of the profits, or to not sell your artwork at all; your decision on this matter will not affect your chances in the contest.


Social Diversity for Children Foundation

Social Diversity for Children Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to eliminating the stigma of disabilities by empowering youth to empower children with disabilities. Our mission is two-fold: to equip youth leaders with the resources to educate their own communities about the importance of diversity and discussion; and, to provide quality-learning programs to empower children with disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that the friendships created between children with and without disabilities from our initiatives will help build a stronger, more inclusive and accepting community. Previous events held by SDC’s youth leaders include the 2016 Benefit Concert and Art Exhibition and 2017 Winter Gala, which featured nights of entertainment and speeches about SDC, its mission, and its initiatives, to bring the community together in a creative fashion and raise awareness about our cause, and Youth Training Workshops on disability justice and leadership. 

Learn more about our organization and our programs and initiatives



The theme for this year's exhibition is Blue: Unity in Diversity

website paint.jpg

Blue is our organization’s primary colour, which, although at first chosen in support of the blue ribbon of autism awareness, has come to represent all of our increasingly diverse initiatives under the common goal of creating a more inclusive and accepting society. By showcasing a room of blue artwork, unique with exception to colour, we hope not only to show spirit in our organization’s mission, but also to create a sense of unity within diversity.

Artwork may depict any subject; the only criteria is that blue is the dominant colour.

You may also wish to keep in mind the nature of our event when deciding the subject of your artwork.


Guidelines for Submission:

  •  The artwork must be related to the theme mentioned above.
  •  The media of artwork must be digital art, traditional art, or photography;
    • Traditional artwork must either be delivered to the organization or be presented in a clear           manner so that the drawing/painting itself can easily be printed.
  •  Permission must be granted to Social Diversity for Children Foundation to display the submitted artwork at its Art Exhibition event and on its social media (due credit will be given). The creator reserves the rights to the artwork.
  •  Images must be at least 1500x1500px at 300ppi.
  •  Contest entries must be emailed to in a .jpg or .png format.
  •  All entries must be received by November 25th, 2017.


Am I allowed to submit more than one entry?
Yes, you may submit however many you wish to.

May I upload my artwork online and share it with others before the event date?

If you have any questions, please email Norbert, our Chief Relations Officer, at