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You are now an official Activist! This portal is made just for you, to make sure that you have all the resources you need to ensure that you are well-informed as an Activist. We have all the details from SDC's origin story to the benefits you have as part of our SDC family! Make sure to read through the Activist Manual below carefully, as it is your most important and cohesive guide to SDC. Additionally, check back to see if positions have opened up within SDC's team for you to take your role within SDC even further.


Activist Manual

Please make sure to read over the following material and familiarize yourself with it. Refer back to this page when you have any questions about SDC and what we do.

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Organization Overview

Social Diversity for Children (SDC) Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to eliminating the stigma of disabilities by empowering youth to empower children with disabilities. Our mission is two-fold: to equip youth leaders with the skills and resources to empower and educate their own communities about the importance of diversity and discussion; and, to provide quality learning programs to empower children with disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds to become the world’s future leaders. We believe that the friendships created between children with and without disabilities from our initiatives will help build a stronger, more inclusive and accepting community.


WElcome Letter From the Executive Director

Dear SDC Activist,

Congratulations on making the choice to take on a leadership role at such a young age! SDC is a forerunner in the non-profit worlda game changer to say the least. Innovative, young, and always improving, we are built on the drive of youths like you, who want to make a positive impact and simply can not wait until they are adults to do it! I believe that you will fit right into our group of aspiring and inspiring youth, who are all individuals of passion, initiative, perseverance, and hard work...

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Contact Information

Important people that you need to know and may need to get in touch with.

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SDC ACtivist Responsibilities & Expectations

As an Activist for SDC, you will be representing our organization as ambassadors for our cause. You will have several responsibilities that you must upkeep. You will also be moving our message forward in your own ways. Embodying our big idea, social diversity for children, you will engage and form unique friendships with youth of all abilities. Underneath this overarching concept of inclusion, you will create personal relationships that reflect your own version of the disability justice narrative that you have committed to representing when you became an SDC Activist. 


SDC Activist Benefits

Just as you invest your hard work into SDC, we want to equally invest into you. Naturally, as you carry out your duties, you will obtain valuable life skills and progress as a champion of social change.


Your Chimp Account

Your Chimp Account lets you track your volunteer time and fundraising efforts to SDC. you receive points according to your responsibilities in the organization and according to the dollar amount you raise for the organization. After accumulating your points, you may be given award at the end of the year. Depending on your award, you will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.