David James WanG | Founder & President


David James Wang is a senior at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley with a major in Business Administration. David is the Founder of Social Diversity for Children Foundation and currently serves as the President of the organization. After seeing the horrendous living conditions and stigmas associated with children with disabilities on an oversea trip, David sought to change the way these children were perceived around the world. He truly believes that with enough hard work and effort, anything can be accomplished, including the elimination of the stigma that surrounds these children. Working with SDC since its very beginnings, David has started many programs including Building Bridges with Music, Education through Creativity, the Global Impact Delegation, as well as the Introduction to Children with Disabilities course offered at UC Berkeley.

Rebecca Yet | Secretary-Treasurer


Rebecca Yet is currently a first-year student studying at the University of British Columbia. She is honoured to be serving as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Having witnessed first-hand the impact that the Foundation has had upon children with disabilities through the SDC Global Impact Delegation in 2014, Rebecca now works to contribute in any way that she can towards the Foundation’s goal. A strong believer in service and youth leadership, Rebecca hopes that the Foundation’s endeavours will not only impact and empower children with disabilities, but also all youth that are involved along the way.


Hamlet Abnousi | Board Director


Hamlet Abnousi is a Board Director at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. He is the owner of several businesses: Abnousi Corporate Finance, Abnousi Capital, and SciTech Global Ventures, and a Social Venture Partner philanthropist. Within these organizations, he seeks to find creative solutions to solve relevant world problems from common infectious diseases to predatory commercial lending practices. He is passionate about many things, but his passion for creating a positive social impact and innovation is what connected him to SDC Foundation. With SDC Foundation, he aims to find creative ways to develop role models for children of all abilities so that they can achieve their dreams in the future with the support and resources they need. Clearly an active “maker,” he strives to help SDC Foundation make its mission a reality.

joanna zhao | Executive Director


Joanna Zhao is currently a grade 12 student studying at Killarney Secondary School. She has had prior experience working with children at risk and with children with disabilities, and sees that they don't always receive the care and help they need. She's determined to get involved with raising awareness on the stigma children with disabilities face, and hopes that serving as the Youth Director for Social Diversity for Children Foundation will allow her to make a positive impact in the world. Joanna finds that motivating others and having contagious, positive vibes are two things that are very important when it comes to serving others. Joanna is often found running competitively, busying herself with volunteer and leadership opportunities, and putting smiles on people's faces.  

Tim Xie | Finance Director


Tim Xie is a senior student at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. As the current Finance Director, he works to secure funding and partnerships to ensure the successful delivery of current and emerging programs at SDC Foundation. This position allows him to combine his educational goals with his life goals. Tim joined this organization to continue his work with children with disabilities in high school, and to be a part of an energetic, dynamic team that strives for social progress. He hopes to use his abilities to both grow the diversity and capacity of the organization’s influence.

Jacqueline Lau | Creative Director


Jacqueline Lau is a sophomore at the California College of the Arts majoring in Graphic Design and is proud to serve as the Creative Director of the Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Her artwork has been shown at the Vancouver ISABC Exhibition throughout her high school years as well as the First Year Honors Program Exhibition at California College of the Arts. With an avid passion for the arts, Jacqueline strives to use her skills in design to give back to the society. She joined the Social Diversity for Children Foundation because of her cousin, who has autism. Having grown up regularly interacting with someone with disabilities, she recognizes the importance of teaching children with disabilities the necessary skills to become independent and live fulfilling lives.

Jessica Ip | Communications Coordinator


Jessica Ip is a first-year student studying Science at the University of British Columbia. She has been involved with SDC for the past two years and continues to support the organization as the Communications Coordinator. Jessica aspires to have a career in Neuroscience and is interested in the underlying causes and novel treatments for mental illnesses and disabilities. She is most inspired by the scientific works of Stephen Hawking and how his diagnosis with ALS has become a strong testament to how mental fortitude can overcome physical disability. By working hard to make SDC Foundation’s programs accessible to people from all backgrounds, Jessica hopes to actualize the dreams of children living with disabilities.




Peter Deng is currently a freshman studying at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. He is honored to be the Chief of Staff at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Having lived in different parts of the USA, China, and Canada, Peter has gotten a chance to experience the lives of children in a variety of cultures. It was from his experiences that he found the passion to give every child the same, equal opportunities as every other child, even if society does not always agree. Peter joined SDC Foundation in 2012 after learning about SDC Foundation through its website, Facebook pages, and educational YouTube videos. Peter was SDC’s Surrey District Manager in 2013, Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and Chief Executive Officer in 2015. As a current Board Director, Peter strives to enhance SDC’s programs, expand the reach of the organization to more people, and help empower children with disabilities.

Anson Yu | Executive Assistant to the President

Anson Yu is a grade 10 student at R. E. Mountain Secondary School. She is proud to serve as Social Diversity for Children Foundation’s Executive Assistant to the President. Anson has always found her passion in the graphic design, public speaking, and community service.  She is also an active member of the debate community while advocating for business literacy in youth.  Anson was first introduced to SDC through volunteering and she is amazed at the creative and unique programs the organization offers. She is working to help maximize the organization’s positive influence by utilizing her abilities. In the future, Anson hopes to inspire others, motivate youth and continue to put smiles on people’s faces.




Annie is a Grade 10 student studying at North Surrey Secondary School, and is elated to be serving the Social Diversity for Children Foundation as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President. Having been involved with SDC for 3 years, Annie has watched her peers become youth leaders, holding fundraisers and events to support a cause they care about, and to make a positive impact in their community. Inspired by her peers, Annie sought to use her time and abilities to contribute to her community by aiding the less fortunate. She hopes to eradicate the stigma surrounding children with disabilities in her school, and is excited to aid SDC's team in whichever way she can to help the organization achieve its goal of building an inclusive and accepting environment for children of all abilities.

Gaithre Kalainathan | Program Coordinator


Gaithre Kalainathan graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BMLSc and is currently the Program Coordinator at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. She decided to become a part of the team because she believes that programs designed to help children and youth gain self-confidence, make lasting friendships, and promote an inclusive environment are integral components to help individuals reach their full potential. The programs offered by the Social Diversity for Children Foundation allow individuals with various dynamics to interact and develop a repertoire of skills. Being able to see the changes in the children/youth that are participants of the programs,  is what she believes is the most rewarding aspect of being a Program Coordinator. Experiences offered through this organization contributes towards acceptance rather than tolerance and empowering rather than adapting. She looks forward to continue seeing the ripple effect this organization has on society!

Amanda Porcheron | Grant Coordinator


Amanda Porcheron is the Grant Coordinator at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. She brings years of technical and management experience from her work with major child-focused organizations in Asia. She has worked in post-disaster contexts as an Education in Emergencies Advisor in Thailand, the Philippines, and Nepal helping children overcome psychosocial trauma and advocating for the safe return of children to school. Amanda is passionate about the importance of quality education for all and promoting child-friendly teaching and learning approaches. Working with SDC is a way for Amanda to bring her unique, international experience home.



FeliciA Wall | Music Therapist

Felicia has been playing music all her life, and is passionate about the positive role that it plays from childhood development to adolescence to adulthood. She has a BA from the University of Victoria, a degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University, and is a Music Therapist Accredited. She has been working with children and adolescents in many different capacities over the past 10 years and is constantly amazed by their genuine desire to learn, imagine, and grow through artistic expression. Felicia believes that everyone has the capacity to enjoy and experience music both as a participant and a creator, not just a bystander. She looks forward to working with the participants of SDC Foundation’s Building Bridges with Music program!

Sheila Lee | Music Therapist


Sheila has been involved in music and the arts all her life. She has received training in piano, guitar, violin, voice, and dance. After completing her BA in Psychology from UBC, she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Music Therapy from Capilano University. She was the recipient of the Carolyn Kenny Music Therapy Scholarship and the Music Therapy Students’ Association Conference Scholarship. She is now an Accredited Music Therapist and Certified Neurologic Music Therapist, working together with clients of varying ages and abilities to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, she has completed training as a Behavioural Interventionist and has much experience working with children with autism.  To continue furthering her love of learning, she is presently completing her MA in Counselling from UVic.

Hae Soo Jo | Art Therapist


Hae Soo Jo is an art therapist operating a private practice in Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas in Canada. She obtained a BA in Psychology and Counselling at Simon Fraser University, and a Master level's Diploma in Art Therapy at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. Hae Soo has extensive experience with planning and facilitating individual/group art therapy programs and workshops.  Having served as a Behavior Interventionist for children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, she also knows how to effectively work with children and youth with special needs in therapeutic settings. By using creativity as a healing tool, she provides learning opportunities to help them gain various important skills.  Hae Soo’s approach to art therapy is an art and client-centered based approach, which is based on genuine support and acceptance, openness, empathetic listening, and opportunity for exploration and healing through creative expression. She believes every client has the creativity, the need for the creation, and the ability to heal themselves through creative expression.

Hannah Isabell Eicke | Art Therapist

Hannah has always enjoyed being creative; she would decorate whatever she could get her hands on. She started viewing herself as an artist after meeting her incredible art teacher in high school. Hannah relocated to Vancouver, BC from Scotland to pursue her dream of becoming an Art Therapist. She is due to graduate in June from the Vancouver Art therapy Institute. Hannah has a BA honours in Psychology. Her research and work focusses heavily on empowering individuals and realizing potential. She's been able to support many children and adults with disabilities with through different capacities. Hannah is thrilled to be working with participants of SDC Foundation’s Education Through Creativity program. 

2017 Youth Team


Annie Deng | Chief Executive Officer


Annie is a Grade 12 student at North Surrey Secondary School. She is honoured to be serving as Social Diversity for Children Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer this term. When Annie was introduced to SDC 5 years ago, working with the organization was an eye-opening experience. Seeing peers not much older than her stepping up to positively impact their communities with such determination and in such significant manners was inspiring. Now, after having been in the organization for half a decade and serving as the CEO of its HQ for a term, Annie knows full well the impact a team of driven youth can make, and is passionate about using her time and ability to lend kindness and empowerment to those who need help to realize their own potential. She is excited to work with her team to lead the organization to new heights, in order to most significantly help the children she has met and will meet. Annie can be found drawing while listening to orchestral music in her free time.


Enoch Liu | Chief operating Officer

29 Edited.png

Enoch Liu is a Grade 12 student at Semiahmoo Secondary School. He is excited to serve as the Chief Operations Officer for Social Diversity for Children. While Enoch was growing up, he saw his older cousin being discriminated against for his disability. Enoch joined SDC with the hope of advocating for disability justice, especially within his community. Going into his third year with SDC, Enoch is looking forward to another amazing year with the Headquarters team! During his “free” time, Enoch is often found venturing around Vancouver looking for amazing food or accomplishing work for this organization. After all, “SDC is [his] free time”.

Vivian Wei | Chief Operating Officer

71 Edited copy.png

Vivian Wei is currently a grade 11 student at Moscrop Secondary School. She is honoured to be serving as one of the Chief Operations Officer of Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Going into her second year with SDC, Vivian is looking forward to working with her team to build an exciting and memorable year. Having seen the inequality that lies in children with disabilities in China, she understands how injustices affect them. Vivian hopes to raise awareness for disability justice and take a stand against discrimination. During her spare time, Vivian enjoys hanging out with her friends and travelling around the world with her family.

Lauren Lowe | Chief of Staff


Lauren Lowe is a grade 11 student who attends Killarney Secondary School. After working alongside a child with a disability, she felt very strongly about finding ways to educate others and stress the importance of inclusiveness. Making a difference at a young age seemed like a daunting task, yet when Lauren heard about the organization, she was inspired by the youth in SDC working to effect change. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, she got involved and is extremely passionate about working to empower children with disabilities and bring more attention to the cause. She is ecstatic to be working as the Chief of Staff for this term and hopes to be an advocate for change. In her spare time, Lauren can be found listening to music and playing badminton.

Richie Yang | Chief Financial Officer


Richie is delighted to let you know all about him. He is a Grade 12 IB student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School and will serve as SDC’s Chief Financial Officer for this term. Having joined SDC in the previous summer, Richie has thoroughly enjoyed his brief though exciting time at SDC. He particularly likes working with such an enthusiastic and talented group of youth towards creating a difference both locally and globally. Though not an excel wizard, Richie is very happy when his numbers become a part of the arduous planning process for a Krispy Kreme fundraiser or even a gala. He looks forward to working with the new and larger team this term-especially his brilliant associate, Cobb Hu.

Stacy Chao | Chief Sponsorship Officer

77 Edited copy.png

Stacy is currently a grade 11 student at Pacific Academy. When she was in first grade she started noticing the slight discrepancy of treatment towards certain people. Gradually she realized that the prejudice directed at those who were born with different abilities was especially prevalent. So when she saw that Social Diversity for Children was receiving applicants, she was ecstatic to become part of a team that strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding those with disabilities. She feels blessed to be able to serve as the Chief Sponsorship Officer and is hoping to use her skills in eliminating the discrimination some people are faced with.

Chenille wong | Chief Programs Officer

13 Edited.png

Chenille is currently a grade 11 student at Pinetree Secondary School. When she was young, she noticed differences in others and how they were sometimes treated unfairly. As she grew up, her passion for helping others and spreading awareness about disability justice continued to develop. This year, Chenille joined SDC with the goal of empowering youth with and without disabilities. Chenille is honored to be part of an important cause that hits close to home. She looks forward to her first term as a Chief Programs Officer and is excited to work with her talented team members. During her free time, Chenille can be found playing badminton with her family or reading.

Bonny Yu | Chief Programs Officer

26 Edited.png

Bonny is currently a senior at R.E Mountain Secondary and is ecstatic to serve this term as a Chief Program Officer for Social Diversity for Children. after a summer of volunteering in SDC's Education through Creativity art therapy program, she became inspired by the laughter and joy that the children brought each session. She joined the youth headquarters team as an enlightened advocate for disability justice. During her free time, she is either reading at a café with a nice cup of London Fog or hiking up intense trails in beautiful Vancity.

Norbert Banyi | Chief Relations Officer

8 copy.png

Norbert has finally made it to grade 12 after completing 10 years at Pacific Academy and is currently on a journey through the International Baccalaureate Program. As a new member of SDC, Norbert is thrilled to serve as the Chief Relations Officer for the 2017-2018 term. He strives to make an impact both within his community and outside of his community, and does this by going on outreach internationally, and volunteering for organizations within his community. Norbert is confident that he will favourably influence SDC’s HQ and hopes that he will have a great year with them. During his breaks from responsibility, Norbert enjoys spending time with his friends at social gatherings, by playing on sports teams, as well as doing alpine sports, and many outdoor activities.

Michelle Yang | Chief Marketing Officer

19 Edited copy.png

A grade 11 student at Killarney Secondary School, Michelle is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as SDC’s Chief Marketing Officer for the 2017-2018 term. In her first year with SDC, she was in awe of the dedication, determination, and passion that she encountered by SDC's volunteers. For many of the volunteers, District Managers and HQ members, disability justice is something that they wanted to fight for. Soon enough, disability justice became something that was extremely important to Michelle too. It saddened her to think that some children didn’t have the necessary support systems and resources to flourish. It just didn’t seem fair. There is often a stigma attached to people with disabilities and she hopes not only to make disability justice easier to talk about, but also to spark open conversation on the subject. Going into her second year with SDC now, she hopes that her role on the Canada HQ 2017-2018 team will allow her to bring awareness to this cause and empower more children with disabilities. In her free time, Michelle enjoys exploring new cafes and playing ultimate.

Rachel Tang | Executive Associate to Chief Executive Officer

12 Edited.png

Rachel Tang is currently a grade 11 student studying at Pacific Academy. She had seen the discrimination towards children with disabilities and wanted to help but she wasn’t sure how she could. When Rachel heard about Social Diversity for Children and saw that their goals aligned with hers, she decided to join and is now honoured to serve as the Executive Associate to the CEO. She strongly believes that through SDC, she can help teach children about inclusivity and raise awareness for disability justice. During Rachel’s free time, she can be found dancing, listening to music, or watching movies.

Cobb Hu | Associate to Chief Financial Officer

32 Edited.png

Cobb is a grade 12 IB student at West Vancouver Secondary School and will serve as Finance Associate for this term. Having joined SDC in April, Cobb has learned as well as enjoyed his brief though exciting time at SDC. Although Cobb was not particularly an outgoing person who dedicates himself entirely to every charitable cause, he realized that his skills and passion could contribute to a good one. That was when he applied and entered SDC. Cobb quickly became part of the organization and showed perseverance and dedication, whether it be normal meetings or a gala. By assisting his CFO, Richie Yang, Cobb is glad that his work and effort can either directly or indirectly help children with disabilities. He is excited to continue to contribute to this family and cause.

Bernice Zhou | Associate to Chief Relations Officer


Bernice is a grade 11 student at Killarney Secondary School. She is thrilled to be serving as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Relations Officer for this term. Bernice wanted to give back to the community, but she didn’t know to begin. Luckily, she discovered SDC through some of her friends and Krispy Kreme donut sales. Bernice grew more passionate about advocating for disability justice after meeting a child with autism when she was volunteering at a summer camp. Through SDC, Bernice wants to eliminate the social stigma around children with disabilities. During her spare time, Bernice can be found binge watching shows on netflix, reading books and taking really long naps.

Seattle District Team 2018


Richard wang | district manager 


Richard Wang is a sophomore at the University of Washington and is the Seattle District Manager at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Richard has been a part of other non-profits in Seattle: he volunteered for 3 years with Global Visionaries, empowering youth to be a part of the change in their own community and abroad in Guatemala through community service; in POST Outdoor Education he educated youth in survival techniques, organized outdoor education events and served on the Executive Committee. Richard’s experiences in life have revolved around a common theme—empowering youth. His commitment to SDC Foundation stems from his passion to educate youth and to make them confident in their own abilities because he believes that they are what will change the world. Richard has seen the inequalities in the system for youth with disabilities and wants to build a system where no youth is left behind.

ivy chan | executive assistant to the district manager

Ivy Chan is a junior at the University of Washington and is the Executive Assistant to the Seattle District Manager at Social Diversity for Children Foundation. Ivy is currently pursuing her Nursing degree. While pursuing her Nursing degree, Ivy realized the importance of holistic care and respect. She learned that it is important for people to see past someone’s disability or illness to see the person as they really are. With this knowledge, Ivy is enthusiastic about working with the new and emerging Seattle SDC Foundation. She wants to make a positive impact on youth living with disabilities by providing these youth with opportunities to further their education and their lives.

ryan mendel | program manager


Ryan is a sophomore at the University of Washington and the Seattle District Program Manager. In his pursuit of Global Health and Medicine, Ryan realized that compared to the current social movements, disabilities have largely been swept under the rug. From teaching English to underserved individuals in Taiwan, to working as a fishing deckhand in Alaska, Ryan has realized disabilities is a ubiquitous issue that can’t be ignored. Passionate to empower and equip the next generation with the necessary tools to bring a meaningful change to civil rights, Ryan is excited to work with the new SDC Foundation Seattle branch to get impactful programs up and running. Outside of SDC Foundation, Ryan works with Events and Programs at the Global Health Resource Center at the University of Washington and volunteers at the University of Washington Medical Center.

shirlee wang | communications manager


A senior at the University of Washington, Shirlee Wang is the Communications Manager of Social Diversity for Children Foundation Seattle District. From interning at a national non-profit, Shirlee acquired invaluable social media campaigning skills and methods to reach out to the public. Shirlee joined SDC Foundation Seattle District because she believes in the power of youth to change social stigmas associated with children with disabilities. SDC Foundation’s programs, designed to promote inclusiveness and to bridge the gap between youth with and without disabilities, are critical for creating a more welcoming world. Shirlee is excited to be a part of SDC Foundation Seattle District and to see the impact this district will have on the community.

Nayana Bhatnagar | Finance Manager

Nayana Bhatnagar is a sophomore at the University of Washington and the Finance Manager studying Biochemistry and Middle Eastern Studies. Originally from California, Nayana has seen multiple issues in education and opportunity for children with disabilities, and plans to bridge the gap between socially advantaged and disadvantaged communities through SDC Foundation.  Nayana intends to take part in social change and better the community through small projects. She believes that the key to change is within the small communities who need it the most. Outside of Social Diversity for Children Foundation, Nayana works at a genetics lab and is a member of PhiDE, an international medical fraternity.