Social Diversity for Children Foundation
Program Coordinator: Position Description


Position Profile: Program Coordinator, Social Diversity for Children Foundation
Contract term: 10-13 weeks
Hours per week: 3-5 hours in December, 5-7 hours Jan to March
Hourly Wage: $13

*Note that this is a remote position that will require travel to program locations in the Lower Mainland.

**Must be available after-school hours (3-6 PM) on at least two weekdays.


Social Diversity for Children Foundation (SDC) is a registered Canadian charity. Founded and operated largely by young individuals, SDC empowers youth to empower children with disabilities. SDC recognizes the importance of teaching the younger generation about inclusivity, acceptance, and compassion at an early age. After all, they are still learning about the world, and have the power to change how the world works. This is why our mission is twofold. Firstly, we provide quality social learning programs to empower children with and without disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds. In concert, we equip youth leaders with the skills and resources to empower and educate their own communities about the importance of diversity and discussion. These goals encourage the development of friendships between children with and without disabilities, ultimately fostering the inclusive communities that SDC strives to create.

SDC Foundation currently offers several creative therapy programs such as the Education through Creativity (ETC) art therapy program, and Building Bridges with Music (BBM) music therapy program. In addition, SDC Foundation provides training on disability awareness and advocacy through its Youth Training Workshops and Global Impact Delegation. These initiatives encompass SDC Foundation’s foremost values of disability justice and youth empowerment. For more information, visit


The Program Coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating programs for children and youth with unique needs and/or disabilities in the community. The ideal candidate for this position will be timely and pay great attention to detail as well as be able to effectively and regularly recruit and maintain both program volunteers and participants. The Program Coordinator must be able to collaborate with youth leaders to efficiently perform her or his tasks within this position.

The Program Coordinator reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for administering and supporting the delivery of weekly programming within the Lower Mainland. S/he will consult with youth and organizations and schools that represent children and youth with disabilities to determine their needs and develop and maintain programs in response to those needs.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities
NOTE: Responsibilities change on a weekly basis. Versatility is an asset.

Research and Develop Programs for Children and Youth with Disabilities

  1. Research procedural guidelines for launching programs in targeted facilities and communities

  2. Discuss program implementation with community partners to ensure interests of all parties involved are met

  3. Communicate with music / art therapists to tailor a therapy plan for the participants within individual programs

  4. Communicate with parents of participants to determine needs that can be addressed through programs

  5. Gather required documentation for programs such as criminal record checks

  6. Ensure a 10 week program including body movement, culture, and socialization is planned and implemented

  7. Develop recruitment and retention strategies for volunteers and participants

  8. Develop strategies to promote socialization within programs

  9. Identify communities into which programs can be expanded

Coordinate Youth Programs

  1. Schedule logistics as required with facility staff

  2. Secure partnerships with community organizations

  3. Recruit, train, and oversee volunteers

  4. Arrange contracts with music / art therapists

  5. Communicate with SDC’s Board of Directors on program vision and outlook

  6. Apply for grants / subsidies that provide funding for programs

  7. Communicate with parents to provide a smooth registration process and answer any questions they may have

  8. Prepare program budgets

Promote Youth Programs

  1. Ensure that children and youth with disabilities and local organizations are aware of available activities

  2. Coordinate a community relations campaign to promote programs

  3. Arrange for advertising of youth programs

  4. Maintain contacts with local, regional and territorial organizations for children and youth with disabilities

  5. Meet with community organizations to discuss how our programs can bring value to their facility

  6. Coordinate with SDC’s marketing team to ensure all potential participants are aware of opportunities to register for our programs

 Administer Youth Programs

  1. Prepare weekly activities to promote socialization within programs

  2. Provide leadership and structure within programs to facilitate engagement from volunteers and participants

  3. Act as a role model to create a safe, positive environment

  4. Coordinate with key volunteers as needed to implement multiple programs simultaneously

  5. Resolve conflicts and respond appropriately to problems / emergency situations

  6. Provide tailored, ongoing learning to volunteers through use of debriefs and 1-on-1 conversations

  7. Record information on and prepare reports concerning finances and registrations

  8. Note highlights from program sessions and prepare plans to address issues

  9. Ensure that all programs and activities are implemented according to relevant legislation, policies and procedures

Perform other related duties as required.

 Knowledge and Skills

The Program Coordinator must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Office administration

  • A basic understanding of special needs and behavioural challenges

  • Awareness of effective and transparent youth engagement and working with young people

  • Basic knowledge about art and music therapy is an ASSET

The Program Coordinator must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Ability to address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities

  • Strong professional skills (leadership, teamwork, decision-making, time management, etc.)

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to empower rather than enable young people and those with unique needs

  • Computer skills including the ability to operate computerized spreadsheets and word- processing programs at a highly proficient level

Personal Characteristics

The Program Coordinator must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity to issues surrounding special needs and disabilities

  • Be flexible and accommodating to a rapid-paced work environments (the nature of working with children with disabilities)

  • Demonstrate sound work ethics and ability to work independently 

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma and some post-secondary education – a combination of experience in organizing volunteers and/or operating programs for youth and education may be taken into account

  • Some completion of post-secondary education and minimum 1 year working with youth or volunteering in a non-profit organization

  • Previous experience related to children with disabilities is considered an ASSET

  • Having access to a personal vehicle

  • A criminal record check is mandatory


Interested candidates can apply here:

We appreciate all applications however only those short-listed will be contacted. Pursuant to section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference may be given to applicants who identify through a physical or mental disability.