About Us

Our mission is to provide social learning programs to empower children with disabilities and children without disabilities to become the world’s future leaders.




Our programs recognize the uniqueness of each individual and encourage self-expression and creativity. They promote interaction and connection between children of all abilities.



Community Building

With an appreciation for long-lasting, diverse friendships, we move towards a more inclusive and compassionate community everyday.


What We Believe In


Social Diversity for Children Foundation has a simple philosophy: All you really need to create an inclusive, accepting, and compassionate world is friendship. That’s why our mission is to provide social learning programs in which children with disabilities and children without disabilities can bond on an interpersonal level; and, equip youth leaders with the skills and resources to educate their own communities about the importance of diversity and discussion. The younger generation is particularly more open to positive social change because they are still learning about how the world works and how the world can work. We believe in the power of youth, the power of love and compassion, and the power of disability justice.



Birthday Surprise


Due to financial reasons, many parents can only purchase little trinkets from the dollar store as birthday presents for their child. At SDC, we believe that every child deserves a fulfilling, well-rounded childhood, complete with magic, surprise, and joy. We hope to show children with disabilities that they have the support of many people, in addition to their families, who believe in them. With our Birthday Surprise program, we celebrate each child with disabilities’ birthday with a birthday party. A meaningful birthday present, card, and cake is included; just a small gesture to show how much we appreciate them!


Creative Therapy


We offer a variety of creative therapy programs. Our Education Through Creativity (ETC) art therapy program encourages interaction and connection between children with disabilities and children without disabilities. SDC hopes to provide children who are easily overstimulated by sound and movement a safe environment in which they can participate freely. For those who are more comfortable with active social interaction, we offer our Building Bridges with Music (BBM) music therapy program. This program uses music as a mediator to promote socialization between children with disabilities and children without disabilities. With our creative therapy programs, we are not so much concerned about improving the musical and artistic abilities of children. Rather, we hope that children participating in the program will become more well-adjusted and confident in their own expressive abilities.

Creative Therapy1
Creative Therapy2

Youth Training Workshops


At SDC, we strongly believe that empathy comes with understanding and acceptance. The current state of society today reflects a situation in which kind-hearted individuals are willing to selflessly help out others, but lack the resources and training to do so in a confident and effective way. When it comes to working with the vulnerable sector like children with disabilities however, this reality is especially palpable. SDC attempts to change this reality by hosting Youth Training Workshops. These workshops develop the social conscience of youth at an early age. First, the youth learn about disability justice and human rights. Then, they learn fundamental skills to help them become advocates and activists in their own communities.


Global Impact Delegation


Our Global Impact Delegation (GID) is a cross-national trip to China to work with Chinese governments from the municipal, provincial, and national levels to improve the social welfare policies affecting children with disabilities overseas. SDC members are given the opportunity to plan and establish support programs for children with disabilities that involve both inclusion and integration, thus improving the policies and services available. In addition, our members work with teachers and professors from schools to exchange strategies on how to teach children with disabilities to further enhance the programs for children with special needs that are offered in both China and Canada. Our goal with GID is to inspire compassion and activism in youth of all abilities everywhere.