Therapy. Learning. Family.

At Social Diversity for Children Foundation:

Educational programs such as music therapy and social awareness events bring people together to  help develop young community leaders of all abilities- leaders who may not always have a voice, but can still be heard in other ways, such as through a headstrong attitude or volunteering.
Learning is a continual process for everyone from the staff to the participants in our programs and events. Life skills, keeping tempo, holding a paint brush properly- whatever it may be, everyone finds ways to improve themselves for the better. No one is better than anyone else.
A family connection holds everyone together, even when there’s not always a blood-relation. SDC Foundation is an organization where organizers and participants work together and play together without reservations about being judged or discriminated against. Acceptance and friendship holds everyone together.

About Us


Social Diversity for Children Foundation (SDC) is a registered Canadian charity. Founded and operated largely by young people, SDC empowers youth to empower children with disabilities. SDC recognizes the importance of teaching the younger generation about inclusivity, acceptance, and compassion at an early age. After all, they are still learning about the world, and have the power to change how the world works. This is why our mission is twofold: We provide quality social learning programs to empower children with disabilities and children without disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds; and, equip youth leaders with the skills and resources to empower and educate their own communities about the importance of diversity and discussion. These goals encourage the development of friendships between children with disabilities and children without disabilities, ultimately helping us set up the warm and loving community we’ve always dreamed of.  

SDC Foundation currently offers several creative therapy programs such as the Education through Creativity (ETC) art therapy program, and Building Bridges with Music (BBM) music therapy program. In addition, SDC Foundation provides training on disability awareness and advocacy through its Youth Training Workshops and Global Impact Delegation. These initiatives encompass SDC Foundation’s foremost values of disability justice and youth empowerment.